Windster Hood

¥ 58,728


Windster Hood WS-5530DK Optional Ductless Kit for WS-55 Series Range Hood, 30-Inch [並行輸入品]

Windster Hood

¥ 131,000


Windster Hood RA-34LU42SS Residential Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood Set, 42-Inch by Windster Hood

Windster Hood

¥ 212,500


Windster Hood RA-35U48SS Residential Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood Body, 48-Inch by Windster Hood

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詳細商品の情報梱包サイズ61 x 121.9 x 45.7 cm電池付属いいえ - by 小野健一

説明3 speed push button control with squirrel cage motor;Dual High-Performance internal blowers (Energy Efficiency);Modern Seamless Commercial Profile - by 仙台エリ

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詳細商品の情報梱包サイズ55.9 x 121.9 x 22.9 cm電池付属いいえ - by 柚木涼香

説明3 speed electronic control with 2 turbin motors;Modern Seamless Profile;Easy Maintenance Baffle Filtration system - by 佐々木るん

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